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Enjoy this In loved Carnival

Valentine’s Day is near and whit it the will of celebrate in the best way possible close to that special someone. Chocolate, flowers, stuffed animals, love letters are few of the many options you can use to impress your beloved one.

How ever, this year’s Valentine’s Day turns out very special due to the fact  that its attached on the same weekend with the Carnival celebration, and you’ll be able to take chances of this opportunity and spend a very long weekend in love with your couple.

To get you out of the grind, Tierra de Gracia prepared this heavenly places so you take your valentine and enjoy this Carnival in love.

Reserva Biológica de Montecano – Falcón


It´s located in the Península de Paraguaná. It offers an environment far awar from civilization with a hilly landscape and huge wildlife and flora diversity worthy to behold. It’s a track of two kilometers to enjoy open air and the sighting of “árboles salvavidas” (Lifesavers trees), “las Barbas del Bosque” (Woods Beards), “el Cruce de los Vientos” (The Crossing Winds), “El Camino de la Suerte” (Fortune road) and “los Guardianes del Bosque” (Forests Guardians).

Playa La Punta – Isla de Choche

Playa La Punta

Its a clear water beach with no waves. Deep blue and turquoise, white sandy is constantly swept for the northeast wind, wich blows the entire year over the island and decreases the warm sensation.

La Cascada de Chorrerón – Monagas


It belongs to Parque Nacional El Guácharo. Its located on the highness of Caripe and requires climb a rocky path. The waterfall has 90 meters of rock walls, the water ends in a pond of crystalline and cold water where people can swim.

Playa El Amor – Isla de Coche


The Love Beach – Known by this name because its residents tell that many of them were conceived in this place. Owns clay pits with skin healing properties

Piscina de Pacheco – La Gran Sabana


Located in the Canaima National Park, it´s a leap with a crystalline waterfall. You can enjoy of nature, relax and a natural slide.

Playa Piscina – Sucre


Comes from a coral formation in Isla de Arapo. The crystalline, blue and shallow water gives it its name. The white sand and the soft waves provides a heavenly sensation that any couple will enjoy for sure.

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